During the year 2004 the society has thought of constructing the SRI GNANA SARASWATHI (the Goddess of knowledge and education) temple considering the importance of  Guntur town as a well educational centre with number of technical and professional educational institutions and  to provide a facility for the student community to pray the deity. One more idea behind the thought was, there is no major GNANA SARASWATHI temples in and around Guntur and  for the sake of Aksharabhyasam, the  Parents, who can afford,  are moving to  SARASWATHI TEMPLE, BASARA spending a lot of amount and the poor  are not having the facility at all.  With these views, the site was acquired adjacent to Shri Shirdi Sai Dhyana Mandir with donations from Society members as well as Sai devotees and the construction of the temple was completed during 2005.  The  Temple Priest has been   sent to Basara Saraswathi Temple for training for 4 weeks to acquaint with the procedures being followed for different Sevas and Poojas. The Same poojas and other sevas as performed in Basara are being followed here.  The devotees from different parts of Guntur town and other parts of Andhra Pradesh are visiting the temples for Saraswathi Pooja and Aksharabhyasam on all important and  auspicious days.

Now it is famed as Navyandhra Basara. Yeraly around 3000 aksharabhyasam are being performed. A mother of a child used to visit (from Chennai) to perform ashtothara puja by paying Rs.20/- only. She prayied ammavaru for her daughter’s well education. Her dughter  Aksharabhyasam was performed year 9  years back.